Imagine that you have just walked from the big stage after delivering an outstanding speech. Your speech was engaging, inspiring and entertaining. You made the audience think through your well-placed rhetorical devices, laugh with your powerful punch-lines and inspired them with your carefully crafted stories.

With our speech coaching services, this will be your REALITY! We will transform you from the Imagination World to the 3D Speaking World. Mohamed is Certified World Speaking Coach who has the proven and tested tools to upgrade your speaking game dramatically. Whether English or Arabic is your preferred language of coaching, he speaks them both!

The World’s Elite use services of coaches extensively. I am not talking about an average person who lives in our neighborhood. I am talking about Anthony Robbins, John Gray and Tiger Woods. They use these services because they know they work!

So what is coaching?

The International Coach Federation defines Coaching as “a Professional Partnership between a Qualified Coach and an individual or team that supports the achievement of extraordinary results, based on goals set by the individual or team.”

What could possible coaching topics?

1. Establishing a stage presence

2. Crafting Powerful Stories

3. Help organizing presentation material

4. Improving your Vocal Variety and taking care of your voice

5. Using body language effective

6. Weaving humor into your speeches

7. Using, not abusing, PowerPoint

8. Deal with the media on Happy or Hostile occasions

9. Selling your ideas to the audience

How do we go about coaching?

There are a number of ways to go about speech coaching with us. Here are few approaches:

Stairway Approach

Based on the World Class Speaking Competencies Model, these workshops focus on areas of improvement in your speaking skills. Gain insights into key competencies such as “Selling” & “Staging” to help make your presentation a success.

Your Way Approach

The coaching will be focusing around the areas determined by you. For instance, your speeches are highly technical and you are considering weaving humor into the speech to improve audience engagement and the anchoring of your message.

Pre-Highway Approach

You have prepared the speech in terms of contents and visuals and now you want to test it before delivering it to your audience. This is a reality check for your speech effectiveness before you face the audience.

The Highway Approach

You require an on-site speech evaluation so as to identify potential improvements in areas such as content, delivery, visuals or delivering the key messages. This offering is not recommended for pivotal speeches.

How do we deliver the Coaching sessions?

The coaching can be delivered in person One-to-One or One-to-Many. It can also be delivered by phone or Skype. Mohamed lives in Bahrain which is strategically located within the Middle East. The time zone (GMT +3) permits him to coach clients whether they are based in England or India.

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