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Meetings with State Officials in Bahrain

With H.E. Mr. Jamil Bin Humaidan the Minister of Labor

With H.E. Mr. Kamal Bin Ahmed the Minister of Transport

With H.E. Dr. Abdulhussain Mirza the Minister of Energy

Amazon’s Best Seller Coverage: The Success Blueprint

Chai Karak: A Customer Service Story (Coming Soon!)

The book received rave reviews from Customer Service Experts from around the world. The foreword of the book is written by the renowned Customer Service Expert & New York Times Bestselling Author: Shep Hyken.

The book will show you how to instill a customer-centric culture so that you:

  • Attract and retain more customers.
  • Create loyal customers for life.
  • Convert complaints into opportunities.
  • Fuel your innovation pipeline and,
  • Win the customer service game!

Here are few sample reviews on the book:

“If you want to build a Customer Centric Culture, read this entertaining and insightful book.”
Michael Aun, Author of “It’s the Customer, Stupid!”

“It’s an easy to read customer service story that shows you what not to do and inspires you on what to do.”
Dr. Tony Alessandra, Author of The Platinum Rule

“An engaging customer service story that will help you in creating a customer centric culture in your organization. A great read.”
Scott Friedman, CSP, Employee Engagement Expert

A Selection of Media Coverage

Selected Articles from BizBahrain Magazine

Sharing the Stage with Celebrity Speakers & Experts

MCing a full day workshop by the Productivity Expert, Laura Stack

MCing the Customer Service Expert Event, Doug Lipp

Moderating a Panel with the Creativity Expert Tony Buzan

Sharing a Panel with the Customer Experience Expert Shep Hyken

Discussing the Q & A Session Moderation with the Management Guru Tom Peters

MCing the the Relationships Expert Dr. John Gray Event

A Selection of Events Participation

Speaking at the Leadership Summit, Pakistan

Speaking and Moderating at the 5th Annual Productivity Conference (Bahrain)

MCing the 4th Annual Productivity Conference (Bahrain)

Moderating an Investment Panel in Berlin

Moderating the Generation Xchange at the 43rd IFTDO Conference (Dubai)

MCing the first Bahrain Business Brands Awards Event (Bahrain)

Annual National Speakers Association Conference Highlights

Experiential Learning Workshops Highlights

The Crazy Order

Building the Gantry

Passing the Marble

The Last Order