Keynote Speaking

Are you on the lookout for a 3D Speaker for your upcoming event?

Excellent, you came to the right place. Mohamed’s unique speaking style will add spice & colors to your event. His presentations are engaging, inspiring and entertaining. Whether your audience is 50 or 5000, Mohamed is the right speaker for you because he can Design and Deliver Dynamic speeches that speak to the hearts, minds and the funny bones of any audience!

Mohamed has the following keynotes:

One: Become a World Class Speaker

Imagine yourself taking the stage of a major conference. You grab the attention of the audience at once and keep it until you finish your speech. They learn and laugh. This will be your reality after you learn and apply the 12 World Class Speaking Competencies.

Two: The Profit Maximizer

Business leaders are focused on one Key Performance Indicator: PROFIT. While the majority of leaders are concerned about the future, few are confident about it because they know and apply the universal rule: as you sow, so you shall reap.

Three: The 4 C’s of Professional Success

For more than two decades, we have researched, studied and experimented with the factors that lead to professional success. In this keynote, we will reveal the four most important factors to guide you in achieving your dreams and desires.

Four: How I Went From Sweeping to Speaking

In this keynote, Mohamed will open his heart for you by sharing his humble beginnings with you. But more importantly, he will share with you proven strategies on how to achieve powerful results in the different aspects of your life regardless of your conditions and constraints.

Please note that for any speaking engagement, you will be requested to answer a pre-event questionnaire so that you get the right customization level of the presentation to deliver the required message to your audience/delegates.

Keynoting is the only 3D Speaking service that is delivered in English only. The rest of services could be delivered both in Arabic and English.

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Public Speaking Training

3D Speaking offers training sessions customized around your public speaking skills development requirements. In these sessions you will pick up proven tools, tips and tricks that will help you in becoming a 3D Speaker so that you can Design and Deliver Dynamic Speeches that speak to the minds, hearts and the funny bones of any audience.

3D Speaking courses are unique in terms of their delivery style and practical contents. They are in no way similar to typical public speaking course that tells you: “Every speech should have a beginning, a body and a closing.” They are much more than that!

3D Speaking courses are offered in different modes:

Corporate Clients:

3D Speaking can offer your company customized presentation skills training sessions. These practical skills will help your staff communicate better with other staff, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

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If you are interested in private speech coaching, please visit the Coaching section.


3D Speaking courses are offered through public seminars in Gulf Cooperation Countries and Internationally in both English and Arabic. If you have not already Opted In to receive our newsletter, please opt in so that you receive future course dates announcements.

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