“Mohamed Isa has a knack in getting through to his audience in a fresh and fun way which connects and brings them closer together. Needless to say, he has the audience totally attentive throughout. One word of caution, don’t speak after him!”

– Ian Majewski, CEO, Orient House, Pakistan

“It’s been an honest pleasure to enjoy very vibrant, lively, lovely, motivated and enthusiastic talk of Mohamad Isa … The Beauty of Mr. Isa is that he … takes everyone on board simultaneously through his clear, concise, comprehensive and convincing conversation. I must admit he knows the … magic of effective communication skills. He knows very well, what to say, when to say, where to say and how to say. To grab the focused attention and bring audience at another level is Mr. Isa forte.”

– Muhammad Rehan Aslam, CEO, Hardians, Pakistan

“Mohamed is an eloquent speaker with a great sense of humor. He kicked off the Leaders Summit … and raised the bar. He is bold and confident. He has got an amazing ability to connect with the audience while speaking.”

– Ali Hasnain Shah, CEO and Cofounder DealSmash, United Kingdom

“I am much impressed. Your speech was a fine sample, on the whole. It was with grace and seasoned”.

– Aman Mir, Senior Manager, Fauji Fertilizer Company, Pakistan

“I was pleasantly surprised by your style of communication which was entertaining and witty.”

– Kamran Khan, Zong, Pakistan

“Mohamed’s speech during GGI’s Middle East Africa Regional Conference was an uplifting experience and a pleasure. After the meeting everyone kept raving about how wonderful and invigorating his speech was. Mohamed has the talent to captivate the audience immediately. With his inspiring and humorous nature he kept the audience fascinated and conveyed his informative message persuasively. A highly talented speaker!”

– Peter Käser, CEO, GGI Middle East / Africa Regional Office

“… It was the first time that I saw a speaker who can charm the audience of more than 200 people representing seasoned portfolios at Multinational Companies in Pakistan. The level of excitement created by Mr. Mohamed among the audience was admirable. Now when I reflect on how he was able to move the crowed I believe his mastery on his ability to speak eloquently which I trust became possible because he does not speak from his mind rather he bring his and the audience’s heart closer to his and their minds and deliver a lasting training. As a trainer I learned a lot from Mohamad.”

– Dr. Muhammad Arif Saleem, International Islamic University, Islamabad

“Your speech on Business Ethics during our Annual Sales Conference was highly appreciated. It was not only informative and inspiring, but also entertaining and called the audience attention towards you all the time. We were pleased by the customization level made by you and the way you related your speech to our corporate culture and values. It clearly depicts that you have researched your topic and prepared well. We will surely invite you to speak at our future events.”

– Tariq BuKamal, Managing Director, BuKamal Group, Bahrain

“All human beings can be taught the tools to deliver a speech, but there are certain finer aspects of speech-making that can never be taught-such as the speaker’s conviction in the topic and the sincerity with which he or she conveys the message. These are just a couple of examples of “non-technical” criteria which are a product of the personality and character of the speaker and are the key differentiators between glib, silver-tongued orators and those who speak from the heart like Mohamed.”

– Imtiaz Ahmed, General Manager, Yokogawa Middle East, Bahrain

“Mohamed Isa is an amazing speaker, with an immense ability to handle any topic with ease and total command over his audiences. Be it a humorous topic, an informative topic, a business situation or any serious topic, Mohamed does a perfect justice to it!

With his amicable manner of speaking, he captivates the audiences immediately. The hallmark of a good speaker is surely his credibility in the minds of the audiences and over the years, I have noticed Mohamed’s unique skill of adding credibility to every subject handled by him for his speeches.

Certainly Mohamed Isa is one of the most prolific speakers, that I have come across in the past 6 years that I know him!”

– Vilas Deshmukh, Sales & Marketing Manager, Abdulla Yousif Fakhro & Sons, Bahrain

“Mohamed is a speaker who is a role model – even for other experienced speakers.”

– Shaukat Lokhandwala, General Manager (Finance), Haji Hassan Group, Bahrain

“Inspiration from the heart, entertaining and engaging… a clear leader in his field”

– Kevin Craig, Executive Leadership Coach, Craig Consultants, Bahrain

“Being in the speaking business I seldom find anyone impressive other than myself – Why? I am not a modest person. I love to blow my own trumpet.

But where it came to Mohamed Isa in the year 2010 – Well, I had to eat humble pie. He not only blew my mind away with his performance, but he touched and impressed all the senior speakers filled in the auditorium that day in Kuwait.

Mohamed Isa is an ever evolving speaker and one who has the potential to be the world’s best.”

– Loy Machedo, Award Winning Speaker & Trainer, UAE

“Mohammed is a creative and natural speaker with the ability to craft effective messages.”

– Mohammed Murad, Managing Director, TanseeQ Event Management, UAE

“Your presentation was highly educational and entertaining. Your style of interacting and involving the audience during your talk was a great way to hold their attention.”

– Wasna’a Al-Aradi, English Access Plus Micro-scholarship Program, Bahrain

“Whether Mohammed is on stage, walks around the tables or talks with a specific attendee is irrelevant. He’s always much closer to his audience than the physical distance. With his wit and wisdom, Mohamed never fails to stay in their hearts and minds, all the way during his speech – and after”

– Mohammed Shukri, World Championship of Public Speaking Finalist, Bahrain

“I had the absolute privilege of hearing Mohamed speak at the GGI Middle East Africa regional conference. Not only was his talk entertaining and inspiring but relevant and informative too. He has that rare ability of being able to engage with a diverse audience on a personal level. Not only is he a gifted orator, but a great gentleman too.”

– Graeme Saggers, Tax Director, Nolands South Africa

“The entire hour you were presenting your topic seemed like 10 minutes! It takes a gift and a skill to be able to persuasively convey a message to the audience and doing it effectively, and you just nailed it seamlessly. Your way of delivery and style should be adapted by business speakers in a formal business talk. In this manner, I strongly believe that veering away from monotony in imparting a message through delivery of speech like how you did it; will be more effective and productive for speakers of any field. You are inspiring and should be imitated by other speakers too. It was really an honor having you talk in the conference. I am looking forward to be attending to more of your sessions.”

– Jennifer Villanueva, Business Relations, Al Zarooni Tureva, Dubai

“Mohamed Abdulla Isa was keynote speaker at GGI Middle East & Africa Regional Conference in Abu Dhabi, where he inspired over 40 professionals from over 15 countries to achieve even further their professional success. His contribution was entertaining and well prepared, as proved by the spontaneous rounds of applause received by the audience. We thank Mr Isa deeply for having contributed making our conference even more special.”

– Marco Izzo, COO, GGI Geneva Group International, Switzerland

“Mohammed Isa speech on “The 4 C’s to Achieving Professional Success” during our GGI Middle East & Africa conference 2016 in Abu Dhabi was highly appreciated. It was informative, inspiring and entertaining.”

– Abdulateef Abdulrazaq, Senior Manager, Saffron, Nigeria

“Thank you not only for participating by sharing your knowledge & expertise with our participants, but also for bringing the zeal and energy in the audience. Your ideas regarding the Profit Maximizer certainly sparked a lively debate among all of those in attendance and your style of delivery for the session was simply amazing. Your session was perfectly timed, long enough to be serious and short enough to hold people’s attention. It was amazing how you managed to get the audience to really think about the subject in the discussion.”

Ammara Tasnim
Head of QCA Customer Operations
Ufone, Pakistan

“The first time I met Mr. Isa was at the Diplomat hotel when he was the MC for a banking conference and he did the opening and introduced the speakers to an international audience of around 2oo+ bankers & investors, he was brilliant – he had a good story to open the conference with and got the audience completely engaged, inspired and motivated by the event – he was outstanding.”

Capital Club Bahrain engaged him to have a series of talk shows at the club and our members just loved his talks! He really did give the audience energy, he has great sense of humor, we didn’t fall asleep, and the audience was participating. I would actively seek out more of his talk shows and talks to attend. I would always look him up and hire him to help. Truly a lovely person and one I could have listened to for longer, so whoever thinks of getting this speaker involved needs a big pat on the back.

The feedback from our members with regards to Capital Talks that was produced, and managed by Mr. Isa, was so positive. Mr. Isa has the ability to tell a great story whilst making useful connections to personal and business issues. There were many thought provoking ideas generated and we’re still referring back to the lessons from his story.

Mr. Isa did a fantastic job of bringing to life how the lessons learnt as an elite public speaker can be transferred into the work place to help cope with the constant pressure and change we face when having a public presentation.”

Dina Haikel
General Manager, Capital Cub, Bahrain

“Mohammed Isa’s speech on the “4 C’s to Achieving Professional Success” during our Accounting Day Event of Ahlia University was highly appreciated by the audience. He has a superb ability to present complex matters in a simple way. The speech carried very strong messages with powerful impact on our young students. Overall, it was informative, inspiring and entertaining.”

Dr Gagan Kukreja, Associate Professor,
Ahlia University, Bahrain

“We have been extremely honored to have Mohammed Isa at the ‘EU-GCC Entrepreneurs Forum’, in Berlin. His presence in the Panel was outstanding and he captured the audience’s attention like a magnet. He is a very charismatic and inspiring communicator, as such, having him as speaker is definitely a must!”

Elena Proca
CEO, Elynar & Associates, Berlin

“Mohamed Isa’s presence was entertaining, fun and enlightening. He created the perfect ambiance and spark when approaching his audience, thank you for an inspiring night.”

Mohammed Al-Tawash
Founder & Managing Director